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Why SMD?

This space is usually an ‘about us’ page, telling you all about our experience, how good we are and who we are. We will do a little bit of that as we’re proud of our team, but when it came to writing the page we were a bit stumped.

Running YOUR campaigns in YOUR style!

Social Media Directions is all about YOU. Your product or service, your customers, your style, your results. Our focus is entirely on how to pull all of these things together and provide incredible outcomes for you. 

Imagine having a marketing team of 41 motivated and hand-picked experts to choose from, meaning your promotion is guaranteed to be in the right hands. You are able to make sure every detail is covered, from creativity to nerdy algorithms, your team is ready to work for you. Take as much pressure off yourself and your staff as you want to, leaving us to do what we do best - be an extension of your company and making your content work 24 hours a day.

Your new team can provide experts in

  • Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Website creation
  • SEO
  • Results driven content creation

The Team

Unable to contain the brilliance of our team members in a traditional office block, we have moved into SMD towers, a seven bedroom house where each room can house members with different specialities. Doors are always open (except when pizza is ordered - then each team becomes strangely possessive over space), and communication is always flowing. 

We are not a typical corporate. In order to capture people’s attention, things need to be done differently - this flows through our whole company. From brainstorming barbecues to constant laser tag challenges (which the bosses have to admit they are not great at), we make sure we are creating the right environment for the serious work to become fun. 

Some experts have been too good to pass up, even if they can’t work at SMD Towers (we employ people worldwide). We make sure every team member feels included and invested in producing brilliant material for you.

Talk to us today about your project, and we will build the right team to send your results rocketing.