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Natasha Straw

Natasha Straw

Office Manager

"Social Media Directions are a pleasure to work with; they are full of ideas, always helpful and always flexible. Andras and Norbert are veryknowledgeable in their field which is proven in the results. We trust their expertise - they do all of the work which we don't have to worry…
Michael Brown

Michael Brown


Minuteman Press Reading
"As soon as I saw one of the video adverts made by their company, I knew right there and then that I have found the right team to do the job. I am no expert in social media marketing. This is why I have to find a dependable company to…
Richard Misota

Richard Misota


Biz2Biz Berkshire
"We are so happy to have found SMD to help us manage our social media pages, content, and digital marketing tasks. Communication with their team is always great. They handled our social media marketing tasks so well that our engagement rose unbelievably fast. We have new customers contacting us about…
Carl Bamber

Carl Bamber


Slips Away
"For a company aiming to attract customers from all over the world, a website that is well-designed, functional, eye-catching, highly visible and easily navigable is not just extremely desirable - it is essential to the success of the business. SMD has provided us with a site that incorporates all of…

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